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Engraved Natural Calabash Gourd Kit

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Known as `Mate de Calabaza` in South American, these decorated beauties are made from dried and hollowed squash plants and are impervious to leaking. These gourds are very light, but trust us when we tell you that they are surprisingly strong and durable. Materos have had the same calabash mate gourd for over 10 years.

The decoration artwork is engraved into the outer most layer of the plant matter and adds real character and beauty to the gourd.

Being plant matter, each gourd is slightly different in shape, size, and design, so your gourd will truly be one of a kind. The gourd is made with natural plant-based dyes. With the right care (read our blog article on how to cure your Yerba Mate gourd), this gourd can last you several years or a lifetime.

Note: This Gourd comes with our trust worthy, high-quality stainless steel bombilla and bombilla cleaning brush.