A little about us

Yerba mate is quite a unique beverage and outside its native South America and a few other countries in the Middle East, it is not well known.

One of the few truly versatile drinks, yerba mate is consumed in a myriad of ways across the various countries of South America and the allure of the beautiful, traditional kits with which yerba mate is sipped only adds to the excitement of those familiar with it.

On top of this, yerba mate is among the healthiest drinks discovered by humans. Health conscious Europe is surprisingly still in the dark about yerba mate, and many of us are in a constant chase for the latest passing health fad that only ends in disappointment.

There is a better way

Established in late 2015, Native Leaf’s mission is to educate and help spread the word about yerba mate and the goodness it has to offer. Healthy living does not have to be dull and tasteless. Yerba mate, coupled with a balanced diet is all you need to achieve a healthy, balanced body.

We are a family run establishment with a passion for yerba mate. Quality and customer satisfaction are of extreme importance to us and we want all of you to feel our love and passion for this amazing herb. We thoroughly test all our equipment and if it passes our quality control procedure and satisfaction, then we’re happy to share it with you.

Yerba mate is a way of life for us, its preparation is an art, so why not join our circle of Materos by following us on Facebook and Twitter.