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10 Celebrity Yerba Mate Drinkers

Drinking Yerba Mate was once thought to be an exotic rarity when done anywhere outside of Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay, and a few other select places in South America, now however, it is now growing into more popular globally. Yerba Mate's many health benefits cannot be ignored, and the way it is able to provide a feeling of alertness without any of the jitters associated with coffee and other caffeinated drinks makes it a viable option for those looking for a better morning pick-me-up. Yerba mate is much more than a fleeting health trend. Nonetheless, when something "new" pops onto the health food scene, its first exponents are celebrities. After all, they often have access to the latest and greatest in everything, and that includes...

The History of Yerba Mate

The History of Yerba Mate
Many caffeinated drinks and herbs were encountered during the colonial expansion by Europeans in America, Africa and Asia. However, very few of them became accepted for distribution and consumption in Europe and other parts of the world. These include cocoa, coffee, tea and mate as a late entrant to the list of beverages accepted and consumed in Europe and other parts of the globe. The exciting and rich history of yerba mate makes it the most important caffeine drink, economically and medicinally. The tea, extracted from the leaves of Ilex paraguariensis, was traditionally consumed by the Guarani people for its medicinal value, longevity and vitality. In order to industrialize its production and distribution, a lot of findings had to be done by early Europeans in...

Words Used By Yerba Mate Drinkers

Words Used by Yerba Mate Drinkers
A friend was introduced to Yerba Mate not long ago. He started drinking Yerba Mate to combat his afternoon productivity slump at the office. English isn't his native language and naturally, a few people around the tea point in the office started asking him questions about his Yerba Mate gear. He informed me that the exact sentence he used to describe his Gourd and Bombilla was: It is this "thing" to sip the tea from His colleagues raised an eyebrow and were intrigued. My shy friend however, did not enjoy the attention and made a quick dash to his desk by the window. If unlike my friend there, you don't mind the attention and would like to describe your Yerba Mate experience in better terms...