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Amazon And Costa Can Learn A Lot From Native Leaf’s Order Packaging

Amazon and Costa can learn a lot from Native Leaf
There is nothing like a good hashtag to get people riled up on social media. A quick tag, a heartfelt 140 character message and an associated photo is now enough to turn a topic of interest into something viral. This is precisely what has happened with #WasteNot. This hashtag that has been making its way through the Twitterverse since HughΓÇÖs War on Waste returned to our screens. First it is was people celebrating the joys of wonky veg and shaming supermarkets for their food waste. More recently, viewers were celebrating the independent coffee chains that embrace compostable, recyclable coffee cups and shaming the big names for their material choices. This is an issue close to the hearts of all of us at Native Leaf. What...