Natural Look Ceramic Yerba Mate Gourd Kit

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The bitter taste of a natural Calabash Yerba Mate gourd is not for everyone. For those who would like to taste the Yerba Mate and nothing else, then this Ceramic gourd is what you need!

Shaped and coloured to mimic a natural gourd, this Ceramic Yerba Mate gourd is built of High Quality Porcelain. It requires no curing so it can be used straight away. It is Dish Washer safe and super easy to clean, being Ceramic you will not have any mold trouble like you get with natural Calabash gourds!

This beautiful ceramic gourd is super hygienic, very convenient and a must have for any Matero out there.

Note: This Gourd comes with our trust worthy, high-quality stainless steel bombilla and bombilla cleaning brush.