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How to cure your Yerba Mate Calabash Gourd

How to cure a Yerba Mate calabash gourd?
You have read the Gourd Guide and you are up to date on your knowledge of Gourds. You have then decided to stick to good old tradition and pick a Calabash Gourd. Lovely choice! This guide will walk you through the important process of curing your natural Calabash Gourd. Why should I cure the gourd? Calabash (Calabaza in Spanish) Gourds are made of a natural material. The material is the species Lagenaria siceraria. It is grown as a vine and it has been used as a gourd since time immemorial. The fact that Calabash and Wooden Gourds are organic in nature means they add a certain flavour to your Yerba Mate. The organic compounds found in the Yerba get trapped in the fibres of these...

Guide to Yerba Mate Gourds

Guide to Yerba Mate Gourds
So you are up to speed with what Yerba Mate is but you are finding it difficult to choose the type of Gourd to buy. Worry not; this post is our guide to Yerba Mate Gourds and will give you the clarity you need. One of the main benefits of drinking your Yerba Mate the traditional way, other than looking cool (with a gourd and a bombilla) is that you can be sure you are extracting all the goodness your Yerba has to offer. You will be repeatedly steeping your Yerba Mate (topping up on hot water) and agitating the herb with the sucking action from your bombilla sips. Types of Yerba Mate Gourds Materials wise there are five main materials used for making Gourds,...